Meet PBT Fencera, the newest generation of our fencing shoes

Posted: April 06, 2023

We’re proud to introduce the newest generation of our fencing shoes, PBT Fencera. Combining superior comfort and high performance with a dynamic look, it’s ideal for fencers of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

The outer rubber sole guarantees maximum traction on the piste, which means better stability and quick reactions. The rounded, padded heel offers impact protection and enables faster footwork.

PBT Fencera Fencing ShoesPBT Fencera Fencing Shoes

Made of lightweight, flexible and high abrasion-resistant materials, Fencera ensures a wide, snug fit  and long-lasting comfort during exercise.

Its breathable cotton upper lets heat and moisture escape, while the anti-slip padding adds an extra layer of comfort. With its premium cushioning, the flexible foam midsole protects the heel during intense training and competition.

Whether it’s the grind of everyday training or a high-stake competition, Fencera  gives you the support you need to bring your A game. 

PBT Fencera Fencing ShoesPBT Fencera Fencing Shoes

Fencera: Maximum comfort and performance on the piste

  • Inner rubber coating from high abrasion-resistant materials in the most critical areas
  • Breathable cotton upper
  • Rounded heels with shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Flexible wide fit

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