Rollbag FENCER DE LUXE with adjustable pulling frame

€273.05 €215.00

BASE COLOUR: BLACK OR DARK BLUE. Two large compartments, three side pockets and a detachable carry bag with zip. Made of highly durable material. Very strong wheel base with layered wood/steel frame for superior support. Bag can be easily removed from base. Colour: Base colour: black or dark blue. It is available with different pocket colours, please see the pocket colour selection. If you would like to order a specific colour, please mark that at the order in the 'customer's note' section otherwise we supply any color which is on stock. Please note the piping of the bag may differ from the picture. Size: Bag Length: 112 cm Width: 27 cm Height: 30 cm Carry bag TYPTOP Length: 112 cm Width: 27 cm Height: 10 cm Adjustability of pulling frame: 6 cm Weight: 7,50 kg

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