Professional tester for fencing equipment (test weight not included)

€937.91 €738.51

The TESTER-A2 is a professional device for checking the continuity, dispersion, and microbreaks in weapons and equipments for fencing. It may also be used during competitions to check the status of weapons and equipments used by the fencers, or during maintenance and repair by specialized technicians. The device allows testing of the following: the epee, foil and sabre, the guard, blade, and tip by means of the provided tester probe, the bodycords with 2- and 3-pins plugs, English bayonet plug, and Italian bayonet plug, the conductive jackets and t-shirts by means of the provided weight, the reels, the floor cables between apparatus and reel EL.JACKET TESTER IS NOT INCLUDED, please order seperately the complete circuit (floor cable apparatus-reel + reel + bodycord + weapon). The tester comes with the carrying case, a charger, a clip and a device cable. The body cords and the weight are not included.