Foil screws NEPS per 10

€8.26 €6.50

NEPS foil screw unique design includes: - Compatible with German type foil screws (M1.7) - Through hole, to be inserted by a NEPS driver type screwdriver (basic or advanced). Making aligning operation very smooth and simple - Grooves on both ends of the screw to be able to face makes them easier to apply against the thread hole of the foil tip barrel - Compatibility with the use of a flat slot head screwdriver, although it's advisable to use the NEPS driver to take better advantage of the unique design features of the NEPS screw - It's Unique Design makes it possible for fencers to put it in/ out very easily on/ off the Point. Once inserted, its head barely protrudes from the surface of the tip body. This prevents it's head from crushing like standard screws do.

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