Fencing trainer & tester

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Foil hit recorder. Epee hit recorder. Tester for the electric control of body cords and the 3 weapons. Foil hit recorder: FTT-1 is connected to the 3-pin plug of all the body cords. It signals every time the tip of the weapon is pressed, even if this occurs on non-valid targets. It signals the hit only if the contact time of the tip is compliant with the FIE regulation. It allows to select 3 kinds of sonorous signalling: Epee hit recorder: FTT-1 has all the characteristics listed for the foil hit recorder; the contact times of tip complies with the FIE regulations for epee. Tester for the electric control of the body cords and the 3 weapons: The tester verifies the electric conductance of the circuits on the 3 weapons and on all kinds of body cords. General Characteristics: Standard battery, included: 12V type A23. Super light: 60g.