Fencing shoes PBT Fencera Paris edition, limited

As low as €240.03 €189.00

Limited edition of hand-painted Fencera shoes, designed exclusively for the Paris Olympics. Stand out on the piste like never before – you won't find them anywhere else! 

Production timeframe is approximately 2-4 weeks. Further details will be provided upon placing your order.
These custom-made fencing shoes cannot be returned!

How to clean it?
We use high-quality, waterproof leather and fabric dyes. The elements are primed before painting, and the painting is treated with a fixative so that the colors remain for a long time. You don't have to use a protective spray on the shoes, because the paint is fixed and waterproof. You wash by hand, using cold water and neutral soap. We do not recommend putting it in the washing machine, as you can damage shoes and paintwork. 

3-4 weeks

Fencera Size Chart