Feder for PBT by Peter Regenyei

€374.65 €295.00


The Standard Longsword Feder of the Regenyei Armory Ltd. is, although made with the aid of modern technologies, still a handmade training tool. It is a true copy of the 15th century Feders, while it answers the international purposes of the increasingly popular Historical European Martial Arts.

The Feder sold by PBT has optimal properties to fight against shorter or longer Feders as well, as it is a general model. It’s perfect balancing eases its handling, independently of the body measures of the swordsman. The blade is not very rigid, it bends by thrust. The tip is backfolded, blunt, so the power of the thrust spreads on a bigger area instead of one point. The edge is rounded thereby the hits don't cause a heavy injury. On the blade above the crossguard is the so-called Schilt (schield) to defend the hands in the course of fighting. The ends of the crossguard are expanded to decrease the risk of accidents.

The blade and the crossguard are made of high-class spring steel, toughened to 50 HRC according to Rockwell-scale to reach the required flexibility and durability.
The pommel is an elegant turned pear-shape which affords a fast clench during the fight. The grip is made of hardwood, with oval cross-section tapering off to the pommel, as this shape fits the the hand comfortably. Its wrap is black-painted line-cord wire which keeps the grip from sliding in the hand.
Due to the especially stable, very strict joints and the high-strength gluing of the four parts – the blade, the crossguard, the grip and the pommel – becomes the Feder a durable and high quality tool.
For its safe usage must have a proper protective equipment.