We have collected the most frequently asked questions by our customers and answer them here.

Why can’t I pay immediately at ordering?

Shipping costs are not included in the prices of the goods. Therefore it has to be calculated and added to the total price. After this is done, the status of the order is modified to ’confirmed’ and the payment can be settled.

Why are the shipping costs not indicated on the website

erms of delivery depend on the applied mode of delivery and its destination. In order to provide the most optimal prices, calculation of the shipping costs are based on your order weight and dimensions. Thus shipping costs are not standardized and cannot be indicated beforehand.

After I pay, how long does it take to deliver my order?

Delivery time depends on the ordered items: quantity, the type of item and the number of orders placed before yours. If anything special, out of stock item, is ordered, the delivery will take longer than a couple of days. This waiting time will be denoted by us.

Why are the NET and GROSS prices the same in my order if I’m a NON EU resident?

If you are outside from the EU, you have to pay the NET prices of the products. Therefore in our webshop system, if you are logged in, in the section ’GROSS price’, it is also the NET price that is indicated. Please avoid tha fact that it is written as GROSS price.

Once you log out, you can see the real GROSS prices.

It is possible but we are not aware of and cannot affect these costs. Import duties and taxes differ in every country. The information about this needs to be obtained locally. Therefore such costs are not included in the prices of the products. If this is your first time ordering from abroad, it is advisable to ask the local customs office whether you have to pay any duties.

What additional costs should I expect during the ordering and delivery process besides the products prices?

In case of an order from the European Union the VAT of delivery country is being added in addition to the shipping costs. Please be aware that in case of ordering from a non European Union country import taxes and duties may be applicable at the final destination by the customs which has to be arranged by the Recipient locally.