Electronic fencing target with power supply

€668.02 €526.00
The EFT-1 has 5 targets, each with a red light at the center that lights up to signal when it should be attacked and turns green when hit.
Completely programmable by the fencing master, who can prepare 9 different exercises, setting various parameters for each one.
The student sees the response time of every hit and the average time for the exercise when it is completed.
A tough front panel made of multiple layers of polycarbonate and PVC. The tip of the weapon does not slide.
A shock absorbing system prevents hits from deteriorating the weapon tips.
The special wall mounts that come with the target make it possible in a matter of seconds to adjust the EFT-1 to students of any height by positioning it at 8 cm intervals to one of the 6 available heights.
Dimensions and weight: 63 x 46 x 5 cm, 7.4 kg