Electric sabre jacket INOX PINK, washable for women

As low as €216.03 €170.10

Washable, long-lasting model. Made of inox material with 10% more stainless steel yarn content than white inox ones. Shiny look due to the high density of woven nickel yarn in the material. Lining made of special waterproof fabric. Comes with palm size repair patch.
Weight is slightly more than WHITE INOX models. (about 5%)

1-2 weeks

Sizing chart Women

Rendelési méret-3436384042444648
Height cmI-158158-164158-164158-164164-170164-170170-176176-182
Chest cmB83-8586-8990-9394-9798-101102-105106-108109-111
Waist cmC59-6263-6667-7071-7576-8081-8586-9091-95
Hip cmD84-8788-9192-9596-100101-104105-108109-112113-116
Lenght of the Fencing Jacket cmE4748495052535456
Sleeve lenght cmF5859606162636465
Pants lenghtG7274757779808284

Sizing chart - Women Special long size

Order size727680848892
Height cmI158-164158-164158-164164-170164-170170-176
Chest cmB86-8990-9394-9798-101102-105106-108
Waist cmC63-6667-7071-7576-8081-8586-90
Hip cmD88-9192-9596-100101-104105-108109-112
Lenght of the fencing jacketE515253555657
Sleeve lenghtF616263646566
Pants lenghtG777880828385
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