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MultiTalent PBT FIE scoring machine with side panels, power supply, battery & remote

Gross price: 981.71 EUR (Net 773.00 EUR)

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The New MultiTalent Basic PBT machine is unique in the sense that can be transformed into a competition scoring machine. You can even buy the BASIC machine first and later purchase the other parts to make a complete FIE machine. The following components can be added on request to the machine: - built-in batteries, - sidepanels with score and time display - overhead wall lamp - table stand Further features: FIE approved Built-in batteries • Adjustable tone and volume • Adjustable lights • Massive Aluminium case • Modern look • Easy and user friendly remote control. • LED lights inside, also visible in sun light. • XXI. century electronics. • Free program update. • Contains the new passivity rule.