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Interact Sabre with videos by Ákos Patócs

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    The compilation of this book was long due. There are numerous excellent pieces in the fencing literature, but along with the practical approach used here, the format and mode of discussion represents such a novelty that can add some new perspectives to the sport. The primary goal of INTERACT FENCING – SABRE is to provide help in the better understanding of the weapon for fencers and novice coaches, and also, to assist the conscious and creative construction of individual lessons and pair exercises. In describing exercises and elements of technique by the help of Hungarian terminology and introducing part practice and corrective exercises I aimed to compile an acquirable, objective teaching material that can be applied easily in your everyday training practice. The method of discussion and the technology of the 21st century is a unique way of presenting and elaborating on the material not just in fencing, but also in the teaching methodology of other sports.