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Wireless apparatus for epee and foil training

SKU: 45WF1
Price per Unit (piece):
Net: 390.00€ Gross: 495.30€

Not suitable for competitions since not all features of a traditional wire apparatus  can be guaranteed. Please read carefully the user manual.

IMPORTANT: properties that make the apparatus only suitable for training: In foil fencing: a hit to the guard is signalled as VALID, a hit to the conductive piste is signalled as VALID, a hit to the skin of an opponent is signalled as VALID.

Features of the apparatus:

 Signals hits in conformity with FIE time regulations.

 Ready for immediate use. Ideal for gyms or schools which are not equipped for fencing since no installation/uninstallation of reels, cables, apparatuses and power supply devices is needed.

 5 modes of operation:
   "Epee training": for signalling hits in rapid succession on the epee
   "Epee plastic": for plastic epees with electrical connection
   "Foil plastic": for plastic foils with electrical connection

 Used with customary fencing attire and equipment. No special clothing, connective t-shirts or other conductive garments necessary.

 Operates with rechargeable batteries. Typical length of battery life: approx. 45 hours of power. Battery level indicator. Auto-switch off after 20 minutes of inactivity. Battery charger provided.

 Excellenct visibility of the lights signalling hits. Adjustable acoustic signal.

 A second WF1 can be used as a repeater on the same piste, in order to display hits at each end of the piste or in the direction of the spectators.

 Radio transmission at 2.4GHz. Simultaneous operation of 12 piste without interference thanks to the possibilty of selecting 12 different radio channels. Such a selection allows for the TRANSMITTER to be easily replaced without having to specifiy any codes to the manufacturer.

 USB port for easy updating of software in the case of changes in FIE regulations. For automatic updating simply insert a USB key containing the new file.

 Comes with carrying case with transparent side containing: RECEIVER apparatus with signalling lights, the two TRANSMITTERS used by fencers, and battery charger.

Wireless apparatus user manual Wireless apparatus user manual (1,55 MB)
Troubleshooting and software update Troubleshooting and software update (0,88 MB)
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